Webapp or App – Which is Best?

VDB Devices

We get a lot of questions about use of the Webapp versus the App, how they are different, and which one is best.

Let’s start with the easier answer: Neither app is better than the other. They’re different, and are useful in different ways.

The Mobile App

The mobile app is our “go-everywhere-do-everything” application. Because we are a mobile-first company, we develop everything for the mobile app first, and you will always see our newest offerings on the mobile app before you see them on the webapp.

What can you do on the mobile app? The list is pretty extensive!


Visual Interactive Search

Set price levels

Inventory Hold Requests

Memo transactions

Purchase transactions

Upload inventory

Stone matching

Email Sharing

Communicate with vendors

Compare inventory

Select specific buying groups

Search on a variety of parameters

Use as an in-store sales tool to show inventory and qualify buyers

White label for your own store app

High Definition Pictures

360 Videos

Buy and Sell Anywhere, Any Time

The mobile app offers the most complete VDB experience. One of the things we regularly hear from VDB customers is, “VDB’s mobile app helps me be more productive and effective no matter where I am or what I’m doing, because I never put down my mobile phone! No more thinking, “I need to look that up when I go back to my desk.” If I think of it – I do it! It’s like having a jewelry tradeshow at my fingertips day and night.”

The Webapp

We created the webapp for people who find working at a desktop computer more comfortable or conducive to their work. There are times when the work you are doing is just easier to accomplish at a desk, with the ability to write notes, pull up other browser windows, and use your phone.

We typically release new features to the webapp after they are released on mobile, so sometimes you will see features on the mobile app but won’t be able to use them on the webapp right away. Don’t worry – they’ll come to the webapp! Just a little later.

The webapp is also available for integrating into your own website as an iframe, or even for complete customization if you want to use it as your web presence. Beyond customizing to your logo and colors, we can cater the customization of our webapp to your preferences: You can show certain labs, certain grades, your favorite suppliers – you can even load your own diamond inventory. We do the work for you. So you end up with a customized website application built on our extensive technology, with all your preferences, and requiring very little of your time and no technology expertise!

VDB customers report that they tend to use both the mobile app and the webapp throughout the day (and night!). And because your activity is visible from both systems, you never lose a beat. Just pick up where you left off and keep the sourcing and selling going.

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