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Jeremy Hakimi

Colorline, Inc.

"We are proud members of VDB. It has filled a void within our industry by allowing buyers and sellers to connect with each other through a user-friendly platform. As gem dealers specializing in sapphires and rubies, there aren’t really other user-friendly trading platforms available for us to showcase our product. We believe VDB will become an indispensable tool for our industry going forward since technology is becoming a more important part of our business. I highly recommend VDB to others in the industry."
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Sumant Mendpara

Brahmani gems

"hello Virtual diamond boutique i was a new entrant in labgrown industry and after done a heavy investment in manufacturing and i always had fear about the sale aspect as i didnt have a overseas office. but all fears went away after taking one and only one membership of virtual diamond boutique. its a one stop portal for all goods.Customers from all over the world are coming to us for business and few places we have unheard of also we got business. VDB has provided such a fabulous platform that both suppliers and customers have win win situation in business. i am thankful to you guys. Frankly my business have grown three folds only because of vdb thanks again"
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Rajesh Shah


"Congratulations to all at VDB. These days we are getting many more enquiries and sales through the VDB portal. We are glad that we are associated with the ever growing industry portal."
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David Kaufman

River Diamonds / S&M Kaufman

"Virtual Diamond Boutique is an amazing in-store sales tool for my brick and mortar customers to sell my inventory. They find it very easy to use and love the fact that it shows real life videos of my goods. Finally, there is a simple, easy to use product that retailers are able to use to boost sales. VDB is working well for us and I would highly recommend it to others in the trade."
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Sam R.

Unique Commodities DBA Fortunate Jewels

"We are using VDB constantly and it's very helpful! There's hundreds of thousands of Diamonds and Gemstones available locally and from around the globe. Gaining a lot of diamond inventory investment, since we can see it all on VDB. It's a great app, easy and free to use. Thanks VDB for your smart intelligent work."
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Snehlata Agarwal


"It was excellent on the service part"
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Tammi Ketterman

Kettermans Jewelers

"Ten days ago, on a busy Saturday, one of our younger sales assistants showed diamonds to a young man in our store. He stated that he enjoyed the experience and had a lot in common with our family and would be back to put down a deposit on the diamond that he liked best of the three that he had seen. Later that afternoon, the young man came back in and said that he no longer needed a diamond, he had found one online. He did express that he would like us to supply the mounting. When our sales associate asked him what we could have done to have secured the diamond sale, he said, "well there is just such a large selection online and you can look at pictures and turn them and get a better look on the screen." Being a professional, I realize that a "virtual" diamond does not compare to the real thing, but if the buyer is used to "virtual" then we need this tool to allow him the experience in our store and then we can bring in the real thing and allow him to have a "real" experience. Thank you for offering this app, it will be the future of our diamond selling experience."
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Gopal Galoth

Ronit Jewel

"The purpose of writing this email is to tell you that VDB is the best app for business till now. I have made 4-5 business with it and with best price and stones. VDB has benefited me for my business and I am happy with it. thank you for all the support and response from your team member Siddharth as well for following up and guiding us the best"
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Brijesh Dholakia

Hari Krishna Exports Pvt. Ltd

"We are proud to promote our partnership with Virtual Diamond Boutique Platform. VDB is a modern selling platform that was much needed in the industry. The variety of tools VDB is offering to its members is exciting and necessary. We already got positive activity thru the platform from new buyers. The fact we can showcase our inventory using images and videos makes it easier for the buyers to make better decisions. We are excited to see VDB grow to a greater future together building a user-friendly empire! The more we all spread the word, the greater results we will all achieve."
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Ari Margolis

Imreco Diamonds

"We have found Virtual Diamond Boutique App to be a unique and exciting innovation in the industry! IMRECO is a diamond and jewelry manufacturing company supplying diamonds and jewelry worldwide with experience and dedication. It’s important to us where we list our stones and who can approach us. VDB granted retailers worldwide the ability to approach us in an easy and organized way. Having VDB app as one of our inventory systems is a perfect access in real time to the inventory in our offices for our employees and sales reps on their phones. VDB makes life simple and efficient. Being able to create users for our preferred customers to see our inventory with images and videos not only makes perfect sense, it also makes our relationship with them stronger as we grow in business."
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Elie Sabouhi

King of Jewelry

"Great company and customer service, we have been very happy at all times, thanks"
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Sushma Kadam


"This VDB online side is great, I can operate easily..This online side is similar to WhatsApp.."
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Rahul Togani

Rikhava Diamonds

"I Rahul Togani owner of Rikhava Diamonds from India are into Manufacturing of Diamond Jewellery would love to give an TESTIMONIAL to VDB. VDB is giving us regular presence in global world 🌍 with good clients. I really appreciate their efforts. They have the latest technology and are very cooperative."
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Khushboo Kumari / Ankit Kumar

Dazzling Jewels

"The Purpose of writing this email is to Say a big thankyou to VDB and you. You have assisted in onboarding us to showcase our diamond Jewellry collection to the world through VDB platform. I must say you have given each minute details and clarified my doubts whatsoever came in early days. Through VDB we have got a client and in turn good business. I sincerely thank Siddharth for his regular follow-ups and guidance to onboard VDB. Hope to get more business through VDB. Thanks again."
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Iqbal Khan

Khan Diamonds

"VDB in From Dubai Desert!!! My story with VDB is amazing, I was in Dubai for leisure and business travel, I was actually on a desert safari tour, I got an email from a potential customer about a 3 carat pear shape diamond, right away I pulled my VDB app on my phone, sent it to my customer, he approved and I ordered the diamond while I am in a desert. I scheduled my appointment and arrival of the diamond the week after in Boston, MA. The customer flew in from London, viewed the diamond, the setting paid and picked up the next day."
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Tejas Sanghavi

Pri Exports

"We are very pleased to get connected with Virtual Diamond Boutique, the fastest growing online portal. The world is getting technology driven and VDB has adapted this and brought the world together. Pri Exports is a manufacturing company of fancy Color Diamonds, especially into Calibrated Lines, Custom Cuts, Layouts and a wide variety of products. To showcase this huge variety, we have got one of the best platform where buyers can easily check precisely to their criteria and just order it in a single click. In addition to this VDB has some phenomenal features making it user friendly for customers. Sometimes when designers and retailers don’t find a niche product for their piece of jewelery, VDB plays a vital role in connecting to the suppliers. I am very happy we got in connection with some new Buyers. VDB is doing its best and bringing all the innovation which is required for the industry. I highly recommend VDB to the people of industry."
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Megan Coghill

Saint Teneu Ltd

"I can't believe how easy it is to find the perfect diamond for my clients with VDB. The range of vendors represented is astonishing, and the platform has by far the best range of diamonds, especially lab-grown diamonds, of any platform I've tried - and most importantly, a robust search facility. I really value being able to curate a selection of diamonds for my clients, and at the touch of a button enable them to see the collection and choose their favourite. My clients and I can both rest assured that we have found the absolute best diamond out there. The support I've received from Lawrence and the VDB team has been second to none - it's not every day you find such a knowledgeable team so willing to lend a hand! Having access to a platform like VDB makes it easy for me to serve my clients, and grow my business."
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Nick Miller

Mint Diamonds

"VDB has quickly become my go-to choice for purchasing custom and stock diamonds. Their intuitive user experience and image-forward display make it very easy to find the best options for what I'm looking for, and showing my customer stones is easier and better than ever. On top of that, I have saved thousands of dollars in a short period of time, due to their competitive pricing structure. Thank you for making my business even better VDB."
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Snehlata Agarwal


"I am Snehlata Agarwal from Kishori's. I have been using VDB for quite some time now and it is a really good platform that has helped me keep my company in a good view. I hope that it grows to the height I know it can! Thank You."
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Yair Shimansky

Shimansky USA

"Great App to find the diamonds you need on the spot with 1000’S options to choose from. Easy to navigate on mobile."
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Bill Becker

Beckers Jewelers

"VDB is awesome! Amazingly convenient to have all that inventory in my pocket, at any time, anywhere I go! And so easy to set my own markup to show not only pricing to my client, but preview a video of the actual Diamond. I use it much more than I had originally thought!"
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David Rotenberg

David Craig Fine Jewelry and Expert Appraisals

"Since meeting VDB, we have used it at the sales counter, effectively extending our diamond inventory, as well as using it as a resource for appraisal research. The most interesting by-product is that we have picked up two new regular "go-to" dealers for both inventory and calls. Great tool!"
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C.D.Diam LLC

"I have been using VDB app for many months. Their customer service is excellent. We get new clients every day and the app is so user friendly. Try it, it’s free!"
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Sonia Ahmed

Gulab Diamonds Limited

"Thank you so much really appreciate your help!!! thank you to all and special thanks to Ankit - You have been a great help!! Seriously from the bottom of my heart I really really really appreciate that!!! Ankit and the whole team including Ashwin and His manager has literally helped me with everything to get this website up and running as soon as and I absolutely love the diamond search and the team of it and thank you so much for understanding and what my needs and my idea was thank you so much really appreciate this. I know there was a lot of time difference between United Kingdom and India and I really really appreciate Ankit for picking up my phone whenever I needed help I really really appreciate that thank you so much.!!! I would highly recommend all of you guys thank you so much and if you guys need anything from my side from the United Kingdom please don't hesitate and let me know and absolutely loved working with you guys and looking forward in the future."
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Angelo Palmieri

GCAL, Inc.

"VDB provides an excellent service and has consistently been ahead of the curve in terms of technology adoption, innovative services, and customizing the platform to be user friendly, and responsive to market needs. I highly recommend VDB to all"
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Ivan Diamonds

this app is a game changer I love the updates and app improvements you guys have done through the years. The app helps me run my business more efficiently, well done👍 Turn on screen reader support
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Daniel Boutique

Amazing selection of lab grown diamonds Love the markup feature that lets me show the exact diamond before ordering it to my store. I was able to sell a 3.00ct diamond before getting it shipped to me. Thank you VDB!
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Nisan Abaev

Luxe Diamonds For All Inc.

I am thrilled to express my immense satisfaction with VDB's marketplace and Advertising. It has exceeded all expectations! The outstanding customer service from Virtual Diamond Boutique, sets them apart in a league of their own. The user -friendly interface and commitment to customer satisfaction showcase VDB's dedication to excellence. I would recommend VDB to anyone in the jewelry industry! Thank you
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Priyank Gandhi

M/s Ratnaraj Export

"VDB is emerging out to be a very good platform for diamond trades specially for Lab grown diamonds. As my clients have to say that they get good competitive pricing and very good Interface to interact with in Lab grown as VDB’s reach to meet business ends have be growing extensively. I look forward to have to grow more in Natural diamonds section too with VDB -Priyank Gandhi (Proprietor: M/s Ratnaraj Export)"
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Seyed Mohamed

Alex Saphire Sarl

"VDB is a user friendly site with a variety of options for gem sellers and buyers. I think, there are many opportunities because it is a good platform for sellers. Also, Easy to search through the VDB site customer gemstone needs according to Price, Size and many different options. There is a very good opportunity for buyers as well. I Myself as a seller hope to sell natural precious and semi precious stones through the VDB site. Honestly it's a very good opportunity for my company to get in touch with customers worldwide."
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Philip Wong

H & S Creation Ltd

"I’m very satisfied for VDB platform , in the industry it’s the best one I have ever use ! In this platform I had find a lot of new supplier worldwide . This platform is very easy to use , I can compare all the price easy , all shape of stone and different quality very easy to find ! And the most important things is the trust , in the platform all the supplier make me feel safe to trade with . Only COVID 19 put our industry to this bad situation . Hope everything will back to normal very soon ."

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