Find New Vendors

Compare diamond pricing and selection

What diamond sizes and qualities do you buy the most? On VDB, compare selection and pricing head to head so you can find the best vendor in the world for what you need.

Test and learn before you expand your selection

Test new designs and new product categories from new vendors risk free by showing virtual inventory to your customers.

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Don’t let any sale walk out the door because you don’t have the
right inventory.

Never waste time calling around

Experience how easy ordering can be with tap to buy, hold, or memo.

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Use VDB’s visual search to find the colored gemstone suppliers that offer your preferred colors at the best value: never struggle to describe the color you are looking for again.

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Buy advantageously by seeing everything the market has to offer, including excess stock of retailers and suppliers at liquidation pricing.

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Find the best suppliers for goods or specific shapes and qualities you don’t source easily from your regular vendors.

Test drive a new vendor’s service

Before you commit to a full order, try out a new vendor with a test order.